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A Brief History: 1974-Present

Inspired by a 1912 poem by James Oppenheim, Mimi Fariña selected "Bread & Roses" to convey the spirit of the nonprofit she founded in 1974 to bring the healing power of music and other live art to institutionalized children, teens, adults, and elders. Over the years, Bread & Roses has received awards for its community impact and its overall effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, other organizations around the country have been inspired by our work.

Executive Director Dave Perron guides the agency in bringing hope and healing through live music to our neighbors most in need - audiences in convalescent homes and senior day centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, special needs schools and centers for the developmentally disabled, mental health facilities, detention facilities, hospitals, and homeless shelters.

Bread & Roses produces over 600 shows each year at more than 125 facilities in eight San Francisco Bay Area Counties with the help of a community of 1,400 volunteers.

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Community Engagement Award

Performer Testimonials

My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses. 

-Carlos Santana

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